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Writing Prompt response, Day 1

Commercials that have the boring slow voice bore me and make me want to do the opposite of what they want me to do. Funny commercials like the super bowl commercials don’t bore me at and sometimes I even buy whatever their advertising. I hate diet coke but I love there commercial so much I went to the store and bought a 2 leader bottle. The Chrysler Commercials made gain more respect for Chrysler.

msu history
smart phones
Writing Prompt response, Day 2
You can add fun into some ones life by wering a funny shirt or hat. Telling a joke or just talking. You could also do some thing with them like a sport or a game.
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Writing Prompt response, Day 3

it would be terrible if evry thing we drew came to life
and i bet our enimys would use it to there advantige
but so many thing would be invented and problumbs would be solved,

Writing Prompt response, Day 4

I think collage is a good thing but only if you try

it is good to talk to new people and learn new cultures.

if you are humble you will live life better than gready people