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Writing Prompt response, Day 1

Evian Babies

This commercial was made to advertise Evian water. I think it would a peal to elders who would be not only amused by this commercial but intrigued to buy it because the evian Company is stating the fact that water is a key ingredient in keeping people young. I predict that Children and most adults would also be amused by this commercial. This commercial features dancing babies on roller skates. The babies are seen doing amusing tricks like jumping over a group of babies and doing back flips of railings. The point o f advertising is to intrigue the consumer into buying a product. The project in this commercial is evian water.

Writing Prompt response, Day 2

i have a few ideas about how we can add joy to the lives of the people around us. i think it would be fun if we convinced a athe head of a meating to let us ecschange all the ofice chares in the room to reclining masash charies to make there daily routine fun.

Writing Prompt response, Day 3

it is important to get help from your friends, because you need someone to stik up for you and help you fase your fears, in this vidio "stick man" macks duplicits out of him self these are his "friends". you probly think this has nothing to do with this video and trust me your not alone. and no i have no idea why they chose this video, probly to amuse them selves and make an excuse to show us a funny video. i apretiate that.

Writing Prompt response, Day

i think this video is a warning to kids are age not to get adicted to email and facebook even tv shoes can distract you from learning about the important stuff even if your alawed to be onyour laptop are cellphone, if you realy care about learning if you paid to go here pay atention in class try to relat to what your learning tell your self your goals and why your there. keep your mind focesed on the important stuff.