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Writing Prompt response, Day 1

About comercials:
Comercials get brighter and brighter as superbowl sunday get nearer. more entertaining, the laugh out loud sort of thing. not just a "buy our product. it makes you cool," but with skating babies or singing. why? to get attention. how many people do you think watch the superbowl?
if you cant guess, then let me tell you. a lot. with so many people, its a perfect chance to get your point across. a big, bright, loud beacon screaming," buy my stuff! im funny!" I cant say I dont like them. They are eye catching. In order for a good advertisment, you need a fast paced, quick talking ad, with something funny or relativly interesting. if the advertisment is bleak and bland, then you're not going to buy thier stuff. it seems like it sucks! you wont buy thier crap.

brainstorming:I should do a video of randomness. im good at it. also, on my favorite games. i also should write about my pet snail, who likes celary.
CELARY. one of my best friends likes celary. i should write about... SLUG MAN!!
my dad came up with this crazy hero named slugman.its awesome. also, foxtrot (comic) has a hero named slugman too! isnt the world full of sharing and friendship?! ^_^ ohoh! i also like my little pony. :D friendship is magic :3
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Writing Prompt response, Day 2
Doing something fun can be a lot better than convenient. Wouldnt you choose something fun? i would. In fact, most of the fun things that replace convenience dont take that long either. so give it a try some time! ^_^

Writing Prompt response, Day 3

if what we drew came to life, we would be taken over by scribbles from a children's daycare. evil masterminds would be artists, out for revenge against the people who disliked thier art. the my little pony pinkie pie on top of this text would start acting random, and get killed by other people's drawings. mmorpgs and games would come to life, and throw the world into massive chaos. we would have100s of post apoctaliptic survivals, and the world would be destroyed countless times, and miraculasly reconstruct itself. all the 2d drawings would die as soon as they tried to eat, realizing that thier digestive system and where the food goes down and comes out would in fact, split them in two. thats what would happen.

Writing Prompt response, Day 4

i have just watched a video about the lives of college students and our hope. the point of the video was to show that many of the people in college today flunk out, and that the technology meant to help them, is getting in the way. It shows that many are abusing thier time. they pay for the class. they will be in debt. but they still skip or tune out what they need most. they are lucky. they have a chance at a good education. many don't.

moral of the three brothers
too much power is a weakness.
Day and Night (pixar)
everybody has a good property, and everybody is special.