Writing Prompt response, Day 1

Advertising is advertising pretty much. I guess. I think. I know. Anyways my favorite coommercials( the modern way of saying advertisments) that i like are ussually humors or funny or has something to make me laugh. For example the super bowl commercial for the mnms was really funny or the Doritos ads were also very funny. Well the rest of the commercials are okay too ............................. "sometimes" and I quote "sometimes" ! Okay so thats the general gist of my "speech" and I quote "speech"!

Writing Prompt response, Day 2

From breaking routines we find more fun because if you do the same routine over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again it gets boring and doing a new routine makes it less boring because you are experiancing something new.

Writing Prompt response, Day 3

the story line in this video is that someone drew a stickman. and this stickman has an ultimate battle with the mouse courser and they use a lot of stuff to beat each other. on the end of the video the stickman beats the courser with a ton of copies of him and they win! friends helped him because together they were stronger all together than the single courser.

Writing Prompt response, Day 4

the video is about how college students spent their days in class. most students played on their FACEBOOK OR INSTANT MESSAGING and not paying attention. others pay for the class and never come. but all of them buy 50 books and never use them. other can't sleep as long as they should because they over work them selves. sometimes they took class that they needed to do but aren't going to be used in life.

Cars pics: the interior, extiorer, engine, reventon roadster



rapter stealth fighter look
top speed 221
2 door coupe
mid engine 4 wheel drive
6.5 liter v 12 engine
6 speed manual transmission

length 190 in

width 81 in

height 44.7 in

weight 3670 lb

carbon fiber exterior
mid opaque gray
led lights headlights
black leather seats
600 horsepower
0-60 in 1.5 seconds

solid aluminum block protected by a carbon fiber casing

made in italy
price 1.5 million
related model reventon roadster
model year 2008
reventon means small explosion
If you think the lamborghini Murceliago isn't rare or speicial enough then this is the car for you. this is the lamborghini reventon. the reventon was made in italy and its price is 1.5 million. the car was built in 2008 and a related model that is still being built is reventon roadster. the reventon length is 15 feet 8 in, its width 6 feet 7 in, its height is 3 feet 7 in, and its weight is 3670 lb. and if you think that it looks like a F22 rapter stealth fighter than you guessed correct because that was the idea. the exterior is made from carbon fiber to make the car faster and lighter.every reventon made is colored mid opaque gray. the car has a 2 door coupe meaning that the doors flip up. the instrument panel in the Reventón comprises three TFT liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with two different display modes. The instruments are housed in a structure milled from a solid aluminium block, protected by a carbon fiber casing. The car's instrumentation includes a "G-Force-Meter" which displays the magnitude and direction of the g-forces acting upon the car. The seats of the Reventón are black leather and brown Alcantara. it is powered by a massive 6.5 liter V12 giving the car 600 horsepower and going 0-60 in 1.5 seconds. Its top speed is 221 mph and the speed was recorded in Dubai, UAE. if you ever see the reventon you will surely remember it for only 20 were ever made.
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