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Writing Promp response, Day 1

Advertising can be funny, but it can also be eird or dumb. Advertising is a compan's way of trying to sell their product or service. Sometimes the company does a good job, and sometimes they don’t. I think the funny commercials work best because they grab your attention, and, of course, they’re funny. I think the weird ones also work well because they can also grab your attention. Advertisers can be annoying when they repeat their phone numbers more than once to try and make you remember, like the 877-cashnow commercial. That one is kind of funny, because the people sing in opera voices. The newborn babies in the hospital also sang in little voices and that was kind of funny.

Writing Prompt response, Day 2

How can you add joy or fun to the lives of people around you?
You can smile at someone if it looks like they're having a bad day, or just smile at them even if it doesn't look like they're having a bad day. You can just act happy and you'll feel happy. You can also try to make boring things fun. If you act like somethin is fun, then you might be surprised to find that it can become fun if you use your imagination. I think the piano satirs would be fun, because i could multi task by going somewhere and practicing my piano. The Piano stairs also look more cool than regular stairs or an escalator.

Writing Prompt response, Day 3

What would the world be like if what we drew came to life?
The world would not be a very safe place because if people drew a gun and then it was a real gun, and someone accidentally shot it, it could hurt someone. It would be a state of nature. Criminals could draw guns and intentionally hurt people.
How and why is it important to get help from your friends?
It's important to get help from your friends because you can think of more ideas with more than one person. If you have to do a big project for school and you could do it by yourself or with someone else, it might be better to do it with someone else because you could think of more ideas.

Today we went to the dairy store. I got the Final Four Fudge Dribble. It was really good. It had fudge swirled into vanilla ice cream with mini malt balls. I got it in a cone. We also went to a room and got to see a movie on how the ice cream from the MSU dairy store ice cream is made. We also got to look at an observation room and see ice cream being put in buckets.

Writing Prompt response, Day 4
I think the video sent out the message that when your in school, you need to spend your time wisely. Some people said that they spent their time on facebook instead of paying attention. If you want to succeed in life, you should try your hardest and pay attention. A problem in college is that it was really really hard for the students to pay attention. You should try to pay attention so you can do well in life.
For the story of the 3 brothers from Harry Potter, the moral was that you shouldn't want more power than you have.
The moral for the day and night video was that you shouldn't be jealous of other people.