Writing Prompt response, Day 1

Newspapers, television commercials, radios, they all have one very special thing in common; advertisements. Advertisements, (ads for short,) are ment to persuade and entertain their audience. Companies use ads in order to lure in customers by 'showing off' their product(s). The type of add you get may depend on the network, show, radio, or newspaper you are reading. Some companies use very enthusiastic and funny ways of getting customers, but may go overboard on the amount of emusment.

Writing Prompt response, Day 2

Get up, shower, grab a coffee, and go to work. Wouldn't that be very boring to do just that every single day of our lives? Of course it would! The routine we follow every day is there because we think it is the easiest thing to do for us in our conditions. But what when you break one rule of the routine... It could be fun. To stop to talk to an old friend, to try that new flavor of donut, to wear a knew outfit, just might be the type of thing that needs to happen in a routine because it's healthy! Doing something out-of-the-ordinary is good for our mind because it stretches it, and makes it work. Even some of the smallest steps out of a routine can easily amuse because of its unique experience away from "the old grind."

Writing Prompt response, Day 3

The world would end. No doubt in my mine. Drawing things that came to life would be a power that could not be controlled, or disciplined. It could lead to dramatic destruction, just like in the clip. However, if you use it with extreme caution and care, it could also benfit everyone and the enviorment, such as a renewable sourece of fuel or way to store pollutic materials without damaging wildlife.

Writing Prompt response, Day 4

"...and YES! HE MAKES THE GOAL!" The announcer bellowed to the mic. "Yes!" A man cheers, "But... how did football orginate in the firstplace?
A good question. How did it happpen, why did it happen, and did we need it to happen? Many questions or factors are usually often brought to the smartest men and women in the world. Why? Because they can eek out a solution the best. First of all, why did he agree to figure out this ancient mystery, if it would never benefit him? Because of his natural curiosity! We need to know everything we can just because we want to. Humans are the engines of intelligence and creativity. We build towers, metropolis's, machines, vehicles, computers, bombs, wars, and even soceities of millions of people.