Writing Prompt response, Day 1

Commercials have no influence on me because I watch no TV the last time i did was about three and a half years ago. I think.
3RD CHRISTMAS AT GRANDPA DON'S, time I went fishing and caught a pike, time when i sat on a swing attatched to a rotten branch and the branch broke, norse mythology

Writing Prompt response, Day 2

you can add joy or happiness to a person's life by not discouraging them, helping them when you can, and not giving in to frustration and taking it out on other people around you.

Writing Prompt response, Day 3

Stick dude and mouse are fighting a battle and stick dude is winning. the world would be chaotic if everything we drew came to life, it is improtant to get help from your friends because they may know things you did not.

Writing Prompt response, Day 4

I think that it will be harder and harder to go into college and get everything done, by the time the next generation goes to college, it might be so compurerized and complicated that it will be nigh on impossible to get anything done at all. Maybe people will need artifical brain enhancers.
bonus- the moral is not to want more power than you need and be humble, not arrogant. the point of the story is do not be jealous.