Writing Prompt response, Day 1

Writing Prompt response, Day 2

Changing routines can make your day more fun, because the usual things they might do are boring. Something new might be a welcome experience.

Writing Prompt response, Day 3

The story line is that the animation is fighting the animator. The animation is a stick figure and the animator is using things from a windows computer to fight the stick figure (who's level is chosen one). If things that were drawn came to life the world would be in chaos because of drawings of evil things. It would end up being a fight between all the good things that have been drawn and all the bad things that have been drawn. It is important to get help from your friends because they will (if they're good friends) stand by your side and help you out in general. Of course, you would be doing the same for them too. You could get ideas from them you never would have otherwise.
Writing Prompt response, Day 4
The point of this video was to show what it could be like in college. For students, digital writing can be an impact, because it's easier to open a new window and do what they want.
Prompt 5
The Three Brothers- having a lot of power isn't always a good things.
Pixar Short- Grass is greener.