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Writing Prompt response, Day 1

I think some advertisments are a little weird but thats what makes me want to buy the product even more mostly grabs our attention more.if i had to have a advertismehnt a product it would have to an energy drink because there would be alot of upbeat ideas.i think its good to have a funny upbeat advertiesments because it gets peoples attention.......and then people buy it.

i could do my digital story on.......

My capital cheer family.
picture one
this is my family, my capital cheer family
picture two
we work really hard together
picture three
and the reward is pricless
we cheer for first not football
picture 5
practices are intence but we get through it
compatitions are a waiting game the average time we spend waiting is about seven hours
for a two minute preformance
picture 8
doesnt that show dedication

Writing Prompt response, Day 2

i think i would take the stairs because it would be more fun but at the same time it would get annoying.
lessons we can learn are that when you doing something you can always make it fun.
we can add fun or joy to peoples lives by doing alot of things like helping them if they need help or just be nice.

Writing Prompt response, Day 3

if our drawings came to life there would be some pretty crazy things in the world like monsters,

massive gorillas,maybe even rabbid would be good to get help from your friends because they can give you ideas that you have never thought of before.

Writing Prompt response, Day 4

i think the video sends out the message of stay in school and do the best you can in life and you can be ANYTHING you want to be!